Initiative 1082: Join Us In Opposing This Sneaky Initiative

No On 1082 Bull

I-1082 is a massive power grab by the insurance industry, written by insurance industry lobbyists under the guise of workers’ compensation “reform,” to gain excessive profits at the expense of workers, small businesses, and taxpayers in our state — and it will be on the ballot this November. I-1082 was written by the insurance industry, and just like an insurance policy, its fine print is filled with hidden provisions, all at your expense.

In fact, the fine print of I-1082 gives special exemptions to workers’ compensation insurers that no other line of insurance is allowed — not car, not home, not life or health. It exempts private workers’ compensation insurance companies from almost all of the oversight and consumer protections covering every other type of insurance sold in the state. I-1082 also lets insurers set their own rates and allows them to wrongfully deny and delay legitimate claims with virtually no way to hold them accountable.

Workers’ compensation insurance is there when you and your family need it. If you’re injured on the job, workers’ compensation pays your doctor bills and provides some income until you can work again.

But I-1082 would wreak havoc on workers’ compensation here in Washington. We’ve seen what the insurance industry has done to healthcare — and we can’t let them do the same thing to workers’ compensation here in Washington.

This isn’t about “reform,” this is about greed, pure and simple. That’s why the insurance industry and its allies will spend millions of dollars to try to pass I-1082 — so we need to build enough grassroots support from friends like you to fight back and defeat it on Election Day this November. Can we count on your support?

Over just the past few days, hundreds of Washingtonians  have already signed the No on 1082 online petition and joined us in saying NO to I-1082. That’s a great start — but now we hope you’ll join us, too.

 Click here to sign the No on 1082 online petition — and join us in opposing this sneaky initiative.