Can an App Help with Chronic Pain?

There are several apps that are designed to assist those suffering from chronic pain, in one way or another. Many are pain trackers or diaries, some help identify and track triggers, others focus on sleep patterns or diet. One app, Curable, purports to help users regain control over pain through a biopsychosocial approach. The Curable website provides this description:


Curable is an online program designed to address the emotional and psycological causes of chronic pain. The program includes:

  • A personal “smart coach” to guide the experience
  • Engaging, educational audio lessons
  • Guided meditations & visualizations
  • Expressive writing exercises
  • Brain training techniques
  • 24/7 access across desktop & mobile

When talking with clients about their doubt that a recommended treatment plan will actually relieve their pain, I often encourage them to try it by asking how much better life could be if they had 10% less pain, or 20% less pain.  Most would agree that even a little relief would still be a relief.

Based on user surveys conducted through the app after 30 days of use, 71% reported some level of pain relief, while 29% reported no reduction in pain. With a 30-day free trial, it seems that Curable may be worth giving a try.

Photo by Daniel Max on / CC BY