CW is Working from Home

CW Is Working from Home

Almost all of Causey Wright is working from home in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. While CW is working from home, you can reach us through the usual means: phone, fax, email, web chat, postal mail and delivery services like FedEx or UPS.

Tips for you while we work through this together

Causey Wright remains available to our current clients as well as potential new clients who need help with an injury- or disability-related matter. The following list of tips will keep us connected while CW is working from home:

  • All paralegals and attorneys are working their regular schedules, mostly from their homes. 
  • Our employees working from home have remote access to our database. All of our internal  processes will continue to function normally.
  • Our phone system allows our employees to make and receive calls whether we are at the office or at home. Please continue to use our regular office phone and fax numbers.
  • If you reach voice mail, please know that those messages are received as both a voice mail and an email, so they will not be missed. Leave a detailed message so that, when we return your call, we can give you a detailed answer. Try to avoid “please call me” messages – let us know what you need – that’s why we’re here!
  • We are also all available by email. You can use our direct email addresses or, if you need more assistance, reachus @ CauseyWright .com is monitored by the management team.
  • All bookkeeping will continue as normal – checks will be processed daily, both those received electronically from the Department of Labor and Industries as well as paper checks received in the mail. For those clients who have direct deposit set up with us, the payment will be processed electronically, as normal.
  • For those clients who do not have direct deposit set up with us, paper checks will be mailed the same day we receive payment.  Please consider setting up direct deposit – it’s faster, for us and for you, avoiding delays.

We will continue to post updates concerning WA workers’ compensation and longshore claims on this blog. All articles are linked through our social media channels, as well.

For all things related to Causey Wright you can go to our website. You can find us on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – see the links on the navigation bar. You can also subscribe to receive email updates from our blog when new posts go up, below, if you wish.  We are here as a resource for you, your friends and family.

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