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Causey Law Firm is Proud to Support Lowell Elementary School!

Causey Law Firm was a proud supporter of Lowell’s BIG EVENT, a gala fundraiser held on April 2.  The first event of its kind for Lowell, the BIG EVENT brought together businesses, parents, faculty, staff, and supporters from all over the city to raise money for one of Seattle’s most unique public schools.

Lowell Elementary School is located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, and serves children in grades K- 5, plus a medically fragile pre-school.  Its student population draws not only from Capitol Hill, but east all the way to the water, encompassing Belltown, downtown, and all points in between.  This swath of the city draws students from every imaginable demographic, encompassing the children of Seattle’s new technorati, longtime Seattleites, immigrant families, and families experiencing homelessness.  Nearly 40% of the student population at Lowell is comprised of children who are medically fragile, have special needs, or are enrolled in the District’s Vision Impaired program. In addition, Lowell is a Title 1 school where more than 50% of the children are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

And Lowell serves them all. 

This population provides a unique set of strengths as well as challenges, and the Lowell PTA has made a focus of reaching out to the wider community of both the neighborhood and the city in order to support and celebrate Lowell. 

Causey Law Firm not only had the honor of being a sponsor of the event, we also were lucky enough to bid on and win a set of Hot Sculpted Glass nesting bowls by local glass artist Martin Blank!  Our cell phone photography does not do them justice.  We thank Martin and all the other participants and sponsors of the event.

Congratulations to Lowell, Partners at Lowell School (PALS) PTA, and fundraising chair Grace Kim for an excellent event and some impressive fundraising for Seattle’s kids – and thank you for letting us take part!