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How to Wear a Mask Project

The How to Wear a Mask Project

The City of Seattle gave our own Lexi Potter a shout-out for her initiative and action in launching the How to Wear a Mask project. Lexi noticed others not wearing their masks in the most effective manner while commuting to work, and thought simple instructions on the proper use of face coverings could help everyone in the community.

Lexi and a group of friends designed informative posters to help people understand how to effectively wear masks to protect their friends and family. They have printed hundreds of posters, some now translated into Chinese (with other languages on the way), that they are distributing to local businesses and hanging up throughout the city.

Lexi is one of our essential employees that has continued to come into the office throughout the Stay at Home order. As King County has moved through the phases of reopening, Lexi has been the hub that has kept all the wheels turning, enabling the firm to remain fully open and functional while most of the team is working from home.

Free Face Masks!

Washington will supply masks to eligible residents for free, coinciding with the Governor’s order to make mask-wearing mandatory across the state. This order went into effect on June 26th.

Washington state has purchased 3.6 million cloth face masks for every person in Washington below 200% of the federal poverty level (a family of four earning $52,400 or less). Local emergency management programs, are working with various community organizations and service providers to deliver them to people who need them.

Masks will be available through your local public health department and other community organizations. Watch locally for news about how masks are being distributed in your area.

The Department of Health recommends you throw away any masks you might have that don’t stay on your face right or have holes in them.

Mask Challenge

How to wear a face mask, where to get a free face mask, and now a face mask challenge! The Lieutenant Governor, Cyrus Habib, has kicked off the challenge, asking anyone that makes a minimum of 10 masks to register to donate the masks for distribution. Instructions for sewing masks are provided, here. There are links on the challenge page to donate masks or request masks.

Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib announces the Washington Mask Challenge, a statewide initiative to encourage Washingtonians to make, wear, and donate cloth face masks.
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