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Take Note: You Can Now Be Billed for that Missed Appointment

Washington State has instituted a new rule that allows a workers’ compensation claimant to be billed by their regular doctor or medical provider for missed appointments. WAC 296-20-101(6) states:

Other than missed appointments for examinations arranged by the department or self-insurer, a provider may bill an injured worker for a missed appointment if:

(a) The provider has a missed appointment policy that applies to all patients without regard as to which insurer or entitlement program may be responsible for payment;

(b) The provider routinely notifies all patients of the missed appointment policy.

The implementation and enforcement of the policy is a matter between the provider and the injured worker. L&I is not responsible for the implementation and/or enforcement of the provider’s policy.

This allows the medical provider to bill their patient directly for missed appointment charges. The Department of Labor and Industries and/or Self-Insured Claims Administrator continues to be allowed to bill a claimant for any no-show or late-cancellation charges they incur when a claimant misses and appointment arranged by the agency.