WANTED: Real-life Heroes And Heroines

Today we’re sharing an announcement from our friends at the Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Advisory Board.

If you know a real-life hero or heroine who saved a life this past year, the Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Advisory Board would like to hear from you.

The board is now accepting nominations for the 2012 Governor’s Lifesaving awards, presented to Washington state residents who saved a life these past 12 months.

All Washington workers covered by the state workers’ compensation system or a self-insured employer are eligible for the lifesaving nomination. However, the heroic act is not limited to the workplace or Washington state. It could have taken place any day or time, anywhere in the world.

The lifesaving effort must have taken place between June 1, 2011, and May 31, 2012. The deadline for submitting applications is June 30.

The nominee must have performed “hands-on” aid in saving a life. For law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and other similar professions, the lifesaving action cannot be part of their normal job duties, but must be actions above and beyond the call of duty. Past recipients have included rescue personnel who have acted to save a life while off-duty.

The board also presents humanitarian awards to people who, despite their best efforts, were unable to save the life of the victim.

Last year, 40 people were recognized with lifesaving and humanitarian awards.  For a nomination form and more information on qualifications, contact Laura Glover, lifesaving award coordinator, at 360-902-5533. Nomination forms are also available at www.wagovconf.org.

The award recipients will be featured guests at the 61st Annual Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Conference, Sept. 26-27 at the Spokane Convention Center. The conference is sponsored by the Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Advisory Board and the Department of Labor & Industries.

For more information about the conference, call toll-free 1-888-451-2004. TDD users may call 360-902-5797.