Unemployment Law Project’s June Fundraiser

Pink Slips – a Universal Message

The Unemployment Law Project provides legal assistance and information to people in Washington State who have been denied unemployment benefits or whose award of benefits is challenged. ULP’s annual summer fundraising event – “Pink Slip Protest” – was held on June 18th at Fare Start in Seattle. A pink slip refers to the practice of including a pink discharge notice in an employee’s pay envelope to notify the worker of his or her termination or layoff. Receiving a pink slip has become a metaphor for the termination of employment.

The evening started with the featured entertainment by a three person Mariachi band! We then heard “reports from the streets” from the Cherry Street Food Bank, the Transit Riders Union, YouthCare, and other organizations, who shared how they are supporting people who have fallen on hard times due to the economic downturn. The keynote address was given by Jeff Johnson, President of the Washington State Labor Council. Mr. Johnson’s speech caused the room to fill with applause in response to his calls to join together in the effort to improve the lives of everyone through establishment of a living-wage standard, among other things.

ULP has been a great resource for us and our clients who encounter difficulty obtaining unemployment compensation benefits.  It was great to see an outpouring of support for the services they provide, free- or low-cost to claimants.


Photo credit: chavelli / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND