A milestone celebration!

25 years, and still smiling!

This week marks the 25th anniversary of our firm’s longest tenured employee, Kit Case.  As a workers’ compensation and Longshore paralegal, Kit has helped literally thousands of injured workers over the past quarter century.  She is a knowledgeable guide and compassionate listener to those lost and overwhelmed by the system, but also a fierce advocate for workers’ rights.  

Kit became the firm’s administrator ten years ago, expanding her job to include human resources, benefits, and marketing in addition to her case work.  Kit has been our guiding force in initiating and maintaining our blog and web presence.   She also encouraged four of our former Causey law firm legal assistants (including our attorney Brian Wright) to pursue law school.  

Given her experience here, she is called upon often to teach our employees how to navigate the often murky and turbulent waters of workers’ compensation. She has accomplished all of this while still enjoying a rich life which includes sailing, scuba diving, art and cycling, frequently commuting to work on her bike.  

We applauded and toasted Kit’s immeasurable contributions to the firm on Friday– appropriately, near the water.  Thank you for everything, Kit!